From noon on 3rd December, all online donations to ChoraChori will double in value through The Big Give!

The Big Give Christmas Appeal

Through this Appeal we at ChoraChori are aiming to raise £40,000 towards the set up costs and first year’s operation of a new girls’ shelter in Nepal. We already have a shelter in Kathmandu which you can see in the accompanying film where girls can access support services and training. However this is 12-13 hours’ drive away from the rural areas in the southeast of the country where sexual assault and rape are endemic. We wish to open a rural shelter in this area to allow us to provide immediate support to victims, liaise with the local authorities and bring rapists to justice.

We have an amazing £20,000 in pledges available to match online donations in any major currency. So, your gift automatically doubles in value! This appeal ends at noon on the 21 st December or until the pledges are used up. Please give generously. Thank you!

Your donation goes towards our vital and unique work in Nepal. We rescue trafficked and displaced Nepalese children from India, child rape victims from Nepal itself and provide rehabilitation, education and training at our centre in Kathmandu. We bring child abusers to justice. You can make a donation using the button below.

ChoraChori receives no government funding in either UK or Nepal. We are entirely reliant on grants and public donations, including gifts in Wills.


ChoraChori’s Mission is to rescue Nepalese children from abusive situations in Nepal and India, manage their trauma and reintegrate them with their families and communities. Where this is not possible, we provide for children’s care, education and training until they can look after themselves as young adults. We bring child abusers to justice.

Since August 2015 we have rescued and repatriated over 200 displaced Nepalese children from India, reuniting almost all of them with their families. This year we have extended our programme to support child rape victims in Nepal where the incidence of reported rape has quadrupled in the past ten years. This has involved offering an innovative approach to trauma management called Theraplay and legal support in prosecuting rapists. To find out more see this recent press article and our Big Give project outline here.

Gates of Bronze

A powerful read at Christmas – ChoraChori Founder Philip Holmes’ poignant and remarkable memoir available in paperback or to download through this link. 10% of sale price goes to ChoraChori.

‘Philip Holmes is a natural storyteller but also a fighter with endless enthusiasm which shines through these pages. It’s impossible not to read this book without believing that some people have the power to move mountains. He may be one of them.’

– Anne Sebba, journalist and historian biographer most recently of That Woman, A life of Wallis Simpson and Les Parisiennes, How the Women of Paris lived loved and died in the


Do you have any fundraising suggestions? Are you able to introduce us to a club, school, place of worship or a business? We’d love to hear from you!

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